Interview with Eric Lichaj

No real new information in this one, but definitely worth mentioning for a look at Lichaj who’s exceeded expectations for Aston Villa this season at the rightback position.

He hasn’t gotten into a game yet in 2011 but he had a solid December and is looking like a good bet to be the starting right-back for the U.S. by 2014 if not getting a shot by the Argentina friendly.

TSG: What were your goals heading into this year and how’s the progress in attaining them? Are they within your reach?

Eric: I think there right there. I would like to be starting all the time of course. I still think I’m a bit of ways in order to do that,.

And for the US, I want to be called into the camps from now on. That’s looking like it’s a possibility. I just have to keep working hard. I’m still young at 22 and I have a lot of years ahead of me.


TSG: Where do you see yourself in the current rightback pecking order for the US? Who else is your competition for that spot?

Eric: Obviously Jonathan Spector. He and Steve Cherundolo; I think that’s the three rightbacks right now.

Obviously my goal is to play at the 2014 World Cup and be the starting rightback.

TSG: Well you might consider Spector more of a goal scorer these days…

Eric: Ha, well he did play the midfield in that game. So I don’t know…

TSG: And Steve’s proven to be a little brittle…

Eric: [Admonishing] You shouldn’t say that. He’s a good player.



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