Interview with Herculez Gomez

Herculez Gomez was a breakout star of the latter parts of World Cup Qualifying for the U.S. He’s currently starring for Pachuca in Mexico and did an interview with where he talks U.S. Soccer, what it’s like to be a U.S. international playing successfully in Mexico, and a few other points. It’s a good read on the whole but here’s a few key points from the conversation

On the USMNT under Bob Bradley.

Herc: You know, we’re a different team than most. We’re a very hard-working team.

People here in Mexico ask me what it’s like [to be part of the USMNT].

We were a machine. There’s no one bigger than the team. Everybody does their part. Everybody pulls for another.

You know, we were down there [in South Africa] for a month and when you’re seeing each other everyday, getting to know each other, it builds a bond.

And now you’re fighting for your country at the biggest sporting event in the world….it’s not just one person scoring a goal, it’s the whole team gaining something.

That’s the way we saw it.


On being named Herculez.

TSG: Do you get that whole Nutty Professor Eddie Murphy scene over and over, right?

Herc: I’ve never heard it.

TSG: You’re kidding.

Herc: Never heard it. How’s it go?

TSG: You never heard it. The little fat kid, farting at the dinner table.

Herc: …of course I heard it.


On Jozy Altidore’s potential; a statement which I believe applies to quite a large portion of the team over the next four years.

Herc: Jozy’s a beast. Jozy is one of those guys when he figures out how good he is, he’s going to explode. The sky’s the limit.

But it’s just one of those things, that you’re going to have to give him time. It’s just like a lot of players. He’s 20-..21-years-old…with time he’s going to learn, he’s going to gain confidence.


This teams got a lot of upside and nobody really knows what they can do, but with kids like Gomez and Lichaj already establishing themselves around the world I’d say we’ve got a solid chance for a better showing in Brazil than we had in South Africa.


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